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A Kickstarter campaign has been launched (ends 8/28) for the illustrated novel, Mack Stuckey’s Guide to the Center of the Universe, a dark satire set in Seattle. This isn’t your Sleepless in Seattle or Singles.


It’s also one of the few Seattle satires that does not mock Dale Chihuly’s glass art. We don’t even mention Chihuly!


This is a hilarious look at a city in turmoil, dealing with changes from all sides: old established communities giving way to high-density development; the clash between rich and poor; the dismantling of tradition in favor of a tech boom boondoggle. Caught in the middle are three desperate characters from various strata of society.


What do they do? They have a threesome!



Mack Stuckey’s Guide to the Center of the Universe is written by Jennifer Daydreamer and illustrated by Henry Chamberlain, 130 pages, with 21 black and white illustrations. Mature content.


Jennifer Daydreamer and Henry Chamberlain are both writers and artists. Jennifer Daydreamer has been published by Top Shelf Productions and has illustrated for The Stranger. Henry Chamberlain has published comics, conducted a successful Kickstarter for A Night At The Sorrento and Other Stories and writes the pop culture blog, Comics Grinder.

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